IT Management Blog: my thoughts about putting the "i" in IT

Are computers getting smarter than humans?

Recently our virtual management software that has some intellegent rules decided to be a bit smarter then we had expected. The result was a tempoary reduction in performance for some of our servers. As a consequence one of my colleagues got a bit upset and responded with the email text below.

You wonder who demonstrated more intelligence :)

This is wicked Tron and stuff or 2001 ...DRS is like Hal he ished the commands to doubling down on the vspehere 1 gangstas then there was an evacuation of the tubes..

i love tech man ..(though some of the below sentences sound like my prostate issues)

i love internets ...whoop whoop.

Tech + Beer (non-virtual beer i want the physical stuff) + Pings = NodeloveBieber

Some computers seam to be beat us: