IT Management Blog: my thoughts about putting the "i" in IT

Why I write this Blog

Years ago, when I was in the early years of my career, I wrote regularly for IT magazines. Writing articles helped me to get my head around subjects and provided me with feedback whether I was on the right track. It also had a commercial component for our consultancy organisation.

The subject of system analysis and design has always intrigued me. I found that with the progression of technologies, the design methods needed to be adapted. I started my career when the industry was moving from the so called 3rd generation languages (e.g. Pascal, C, Cobol) to 4th generation languages (integrated development tools). The design methods were not adjusted and the big gurus that wrote the books we all lived from, had moved on to other fields (Object Orientation was the big new thing). They were not interested in what we might see now as an intermediate step. Anyway, I spent some time with colleagues to come to improved design techniques.

Later, when the web made its way into the mainstream, I found that further adjustments were needed. Our development methodology never found its way to a publisher but we used it amongst ourselves. UML took over the world. When I last looked at it, I did not think it was complete. It means the profession changes and progresses, it is still under heavy development.

In the early Internet years, I also had my web page where I published the knowledge I had gathered about the Internet, mostly around web development technologies. I was blogging already in the 90s.

Some changes in my personal life (nappies, emigration) did put this all on hold. Though at times I did write things down. Usually for internal work purposes only. Sometimes it just did not go anywhere.

Where in the past I was guaranteed a targeted readers group, on the Internet it remains to be seen if anyone will read it. Targeting readers is a subject that I need to dig into further, knowing that I do not want to spend too much time on social networking. The nappies have gone, but I still need to spend time on the sports fields and keep the boss happy.

Why I call this blog "Plato's Revenge"? Well, read my first post.